Finally, a complete and comprehensive Cycling Training Program that is easy to follow and helps you:

  • Keep pace with everyone in your riding group!
  • Outride your friends!
  • Raise your Speed, Power & Endurance to levels you never previously thought your were capable of!

This Free 12 Week Cycling Training Program is now available for instant download

You Set The Distance...We Create The Program

If you've been looking to improve your cycling, but haven't found anything that matches your current level of fitness or the amount of time you have to devote to training, then this might just be what you've been missing.

Here's why:

Your speed, power and endurance depend on
the workout you get when you train.

Others have incredible training programs which could put you light years ahead in your racing.

And others still give you the wide range of exercises and programs that turn you into an unsociable animal because you can't do them with your peers.

Set The Distance...Download The Program

But these don't quite match the way you operate. You want a better way.

You already do the work and now it's time to find out how to get the most out of your training. It would be discouraging to learn that all those weeks and months of hard work amounted to nothing just because nobody taught you how to really train correctly.

But sadly a lot hangs on the training that you do. Get it wrong and you miss getting the full benefits. Are you balancing your riding styles and terrains or are you just going flat out at every training ride? Do you intentially incorporate recovery rides or do you find they just happen because you're just too tired?

You've done far too much work to lose everything because you didn't have the skills to nail your technique.

So, to help you prepare for your next cycling goal, I've put together this personalised bike training program that will have you riding further and pedalling faster than you thought possible.

Better yet, I'm going to give you immediate access so all you need to know is how far you want to be able ride in 12 weeks. Just Enter your email address in the form below and you'll ...

  • Receive access to one of the most comprehensive Cycling Training Programs of its type - anywhere.
  • Know when to train hard and when to go easy.
  • Know exactly where you are with respect to your cycling goals.
  • Get a Day-By-Day break down of how to train and how long to train for.
  • Be able to Plan the Intensity of your Training Efforts.
  • Reach your peak exactly when you need to reach it. Not before. Not After. Perform at your peak exactly when you need to.
  • Includes programmed recovery days.

Why a Free 12 Week Cycling Training Program?

I'm a software architect and I've writte specialised software to do all sorts of things. From transportation and logistics, insurance claims assessment and warehouse management to highly intelligent software used to manage the assemble line of one of Australia's leading car manufacturers.

As a cyclist, I set myself certain riding goals and needed a training program that would balance my work commitments with my desire to live a healthier life.

I'm not the fittest of cyclists but with the simple software that I wrote a little while ago, I've managed to complete several rides ranging from 100km to 250km. (My average riding distance is about 50km.)

So, if it can work for me, it can surely work for many others...perhaps even you.

To get instant downloadable access to your 12 Week Cycling Training Program and start training towards your cycling goal, simply enter your first name and email address below.

Your access link be delivered to your inbox in just a few short minutes.

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